Bike Up! Mod APK (Unlimited Coins)

Free download Bike Up! Mod APK to get coins, bikes, and other in apps. Its an action genre game developed by FunGenerationLab  studios. Its bright visuals and character art will lure you to play this game again and again. The premium game currency used in the game is coins. You ca collect coins while playing games but they are not enough to meet your growing needs. The only option left in this condition is to head towards the game store where the prices are too high. Other than high prices, one more issue is that the game is designed in such a way that you’ll be pushed to make purchases again and again. So we’ve developed this modified version with never ending supply of coins. Download it now to get your package.

Bike Up! Mod APK Bike Up! Mod APK features are as follows:

  • Unlock Coins: Unlock coins in unlimited amount for free.
  • Unlock Bikes: Unlock bikes of your choice for free.
  • Free Upgrades: Upgrade your bikes for enhancing its speed and other things for free.

Are you a fan of Motorsport? If yes then this game is a must play. Its all about showing your bike skills, move past the obstacles, and last but not the least collecting coins and other boosters. Controls of the game are just fine. Simply hold on the accelerate button and tilt your device to maintain balance. Game play is quite addictive and mesmerizing. This epic adventure will drive you through the dangerous hills with spikes and paths equipped with bombs, that would explode at any time you step on it. On top of that at some points, you’ll find glass which is about to break linking to hills, so one needs to be vigilant to cross these points. As you tap on the play button, the journey starts. First you need to select your bike, after that you can play solo or in multiplayer mode, as you like. In multiplayer mode, you’ll compete against players from all over the world selected on random basis.

As you proceed in the game you’ll find that the level of difficulty will rise and you need to customize/upgrade your bike. Customization options include wheels, helmet, body, style and bike. Here you can make your bike super cool by changing its color, changing wheels will give you more grip while driving, helmet upgrade option will reduce the injuries and you can stay on racing track for longer time. Here you can also unlock new bikes with more acceleration, handling, and braking points. Whole adventure expands over the 100 plus levels. Leader board charts are also there where you can compare your ratings and skills with rest of the players. Social media plug in integration allows you to share your achievements and scores with your friends. The game is easy to play but hard to master. Overall its a fun game. That’s all we’ve from the game play section, hope you like it.

  • Stunning graphics, animations and classy sound tracks.
  • Nicely rendered bikes and breathtaking environments will drive you crazy.
  • Show your crazy driving skills and top the rankings.
  • Race against your friends or players from all over the world.

Download:Bike Up! Mod APK


Its an amazing Motor sports game that will take you to the hills with sharp cuts, paths planted with bombs and a lot more epic stuff is awaiting your presence. Hats off to developers for graphics and animations. First look at the game pictures will make you play this game for once. After installing it, you’ll become addicted to its captivating features and amazing game play. Content rating for this game allows children aged 3 and above to play this game. Android operating system recommended to play this game is 4.0 and up. I will rate it with 9/10 points. Enjoy the game..!!!