Bubble Crush Mod APK (Unlimited Lives)

Free download Bubble Crush Mod APK to get lives, hint and other game store items. This game comes under the genre of arcade games and is developed by War Studio. Surprisingly within 5 days of its release, number of downloads has increased to 5 lac with 4 star rating. The game is monetized with number of lives and hints. To refill lives and to use hints, you need to go to the game store. But the issue is that the developers are charging too much for these mere purchases. So we’ve developed this modified version with non stop supply of lives. Download it now by clicking on the download button at the end of the page.

Bubble crush mod apk

Bubble crush Mod APK has following features:

  1. Unlock Lives: Unlock lives whenever you need for free.
  2. Unlock Hints: Unlock hints as much as you need for free.
  3. No AD: Unlock Ad free version for free.

Basically its a puzzle solving game featuring bubbles waiting to be crushed in limited number of moves. Control buttons of the game are just fine. Simple, one touch controls make the game worth playing. All you need to do is to tap your finger on bubble you want to crush. Game play is quite unique and funny. Game begins with a tutorial to let you know about the control buttons and how game play works. Your aim is to blast a bubble and to initiate a chain reaction to blow all bubbles on screen. While doing this, keep one thing in mind that you need to explode all bubbles in said number of moves. If you exceed that limit, you’ll fail a level and a live will be lost by you. There are total 5 lives available to you, and if you run out of lives, you need to wait for few minutes until lives refill. Than you can start your quest again.

Game features 12 packs and every pack has plenty of levels to play. If you stuck on some level, there’s a hint option you can use to  clear that level. Again limited number of hints are provided, so be careful while using hints. You need to complete every level with at least two stars to complete it, else you need to play it again. As you proceed in the game, level of difficulty will rise and you need to use combos to finish the levels. So get ready to concentrate your attention and use your skills to solve difficult puzzles. Good thing about the game play is that it will increase your mind power and you’ll find yourself more organized and active. That’s all we’ve from the game play section, hope this description is enough for you to decide whether you play this game or not.

  • Breath taking graphics, animations and sound design.
  • Unique game play which will make you addicted.
  • Use your intuition to solve puzzles.
  • Score high by crushing bubbles in less moves.
  • Secure a top position and let the people know who is the real king.

Download: Bubble Crush Mod APK 


Its a nice fun filled game with unique game play and diverse graphics. Trust me once you started plying it, you won’t look at the watch and you end up playing it for continuous 2 to 3 hours. Full marks to developers and concept artists for giving us a whole package, complete in all aspects. Children more than 3 years of age can play this game according to content rating. Android operating system recommended is 2.3.3 and up. Number of downloads it received within few days of its release is close to 1 lac with 4 star rating which shows how much people are loving it. I will rate it with 9/10 points. Enjoy the game…!!!