Cartel Kings Mod APK (Unlimited Gold)

Free download Cartel Kings Mod APK to get gold, money, guns and other in-app items. The game comes under the category of action games and is published by Mobile Gaming Studios Ltd. Its vibrant colors and fascinating game play will make you play this game again and again. Game presents two currencies, one is premium and the other one is secondary. Premium currency is gold and money is secondary. For buying stuff like guns, property you need gold and money. Gold is a must thing to have if you want to proceed in the game. That’s why we’ve filled this modified version with chest full of gold. Click on the download button now to start your download.Cartel Kings Mod APK

Cartel Kings Mod APK features are as follows:

  1. Unlock Gold: Unlock gold in unlimited amount for free.
  2. Unlock Money: Unlock money as much as you need for free.
  3. Unlock Guns: Unlock guns of your choice for free.
  4. Unlock Threads: Unlock clothes for your character to make him look more intimidating for free.
  5. Free Upgrades: Upgrade the guns to cope up with ground conditions for free.

According to script followed by the game  Donnie Dollars, Max Muscles are two guys running a cartel. These guys are dressed like gangsters and they don’t hesitate to fire. One thing they love to do is stealing other people’s stuff. Show them how they can maintain their hold in town, beat the bad guys, and collect the treasure for buying guns and carrying out their daily operations.  The game starts with a tutorial to explain the game play and control buttons. Controls of the game are just fine. All you need to do is to aim for the target and tap on the trigger button. You’ll find your player hidden behind a wall or something like that at his own, so you don’t need to worry about controlling his movements. So are you ready to be a part of cartel? Fight with other cartels working against you and earn cash prizes by beating them.

The first job will make you laugh hard because your character wearing only his under wear, carrying loaded guns and fighting with cops. After job is completed, you’ll get a chance to dress him as you like. A guy who is your boss, will appear from time to time to tell you about your job. As you proceed in the game, and complete different jobs your XP level will rise. As you reach the higher XP level, you can unlock more guns to blow the enemies with a single bullet. In battle bay mode, you can invade other players basses and steal their assets which is quite a fun and thrilling thing to do. Good thing about the game is that it provides you a platform to do things which you can’t even think about in real life like robbing a bank, fight with notorious gang leaders, attack the armored vehicles. Make the guns of your choice by assembling different parts, that’s the coolest thing i like about this game.

  • Amazing graphics, animations and sound designs.
  • Cartoon like characters dressed in gangster style and nicely rendered guns.
  • Play against your friends or co operate with them and gather your power to beat the mighty gangsters.
  • Customize your player to enhance its performance.
  • Frenzy mode, which acts like auto mode is also there if you don’t feel like shooting bullets.

Download: Cartel Kings Mod APK


Its a nice fun filled app featuring mobsters, might bosses and criminals creating chaos in the city. You job is take out the bad guys, and in return you would be allowed to loot their treasures and take control of their properties. Developers have done a good job with visuals, control buttons and game play. Content rating for this game allows children aged above 7 to play this game because of in appropriate images. Recommended android operating system for this game is 4.0.3 and up. Enjoy the game.