COOKING DASH 2016 Mod APK (Everything Unlocked)

Free download COOKING DASH 2016 Mod APK to get gold, coins, supplies and a lot of other items. Its a casual game developed by Glu, one of the top game developer. Its vibrant graphics will grab your attention and will make you play this game again and again. Developers have monetized it with variety of items. There’s only one item which you can earn in abundance while playing the game which is coins. For rest of the items, you need to visit game store. But the issue is that they are demanding too much money for mere purchases. So we’ve developed this modified version to provide you with non stop supply  of in-app items. Download it now and enjoy the game.


COOKING DASH 2016 Mod APK has following features:

  1. Unlock Gold: Unlock chest full of gold for free.
  2. Unlock Coins: Unlock coins in unlimited amount for free.
  3. Unlock Supplies: Unlock food supplies whenever you need and keep playing the game without interruption.
  4. Free Upgrades: Upgrade the kitchen items for free.

Game begins with a tutorial to unravel the game details. It is based on a celebrity chef cooking show launched on tv, and your goal is to serve your customers within given time. in front of audience who will applaud on your performance to encourage you. Controls of the game are quite simple.One touch intuitive and responsive controls are used keeping in view the game play. Tap your finger on screen to do the required task. Game play is quite fascinating and mesmerizing. Its all about time management and satisfying your customers without getting panicked. On top right of your screen you’ll find a basket filled with food items required to run kitchen. Each episode consumes 10 food items and if your run out of food supplies you need to wait for few minutes so that the basket refills. You can earn food supplies while playing the game but its not enough.

Game features unique missions expanded over plenty of missions. To complete one episode you must earn at least two stars and as you proceed your XP points will increase, resulting in increment of your ranking. As the game starts, you’ll find customers waiting for you to deliver their ordered recipes. There’s a grill for cooking food, a chopper for chopping broccoli and other items which needs chopping before cooking, a coffee machine for making instant coffee. As the customer comes, you will see the food items requested by them along with time. If the time runs out and you wont serve them, they will leave the restaurant with rage. While grilling food items you need to be careful about the time. If the food item is overcooked, it will burn and you need to cook the very item again. If you serve them right after they arrive, they will pay you with extra coins as a tip. You can also upgrade your kitchen items to reduce the cooking time and for increasing accessories. That’s all we’ve from the game play section.

  • Amazing graphics, animations and theme based sound track.
  • Prepare special recipes to increase your sails and to become famous chef.
  • Serve the customers without making them wait for too long.
  • Log in with facebook to share your progress with your friends.
  • Send request to friends for food supplies.
  • Become the best chef by cooking delicious food.

Download: COOKING DASH 2016 Mod APK

downloadIts an amazing game featuring unique game play and commendable character art. Run a restaurant and improve its status from unknown to one of the best and well known restaurant. Developers have done a good job with Game play, graphics, animations, and sound design. Content rating of the game allows children aged 3 and above to play this game. Recommended android operating system is 3.0 and up. I will rate it with 9/10 points.