Dynasty War – Global PK Mod APK (Unlimited Ingots)

Free download Dynasty War – Global PK Mod APK to get ingot, and other in-app items. This game is published by NGames in the genre of strategy games. Its bright colors and cartoon like graphics will grab your attention and you will play it again and again. Game’s premium currency is ingots.Gold serves as the secondary game currency which can be unlocked with ingot. You can unlock these currencies from the game store but it requires heck lot of money and it is developed in such a way that you’ll be pushed to make purchases again and again. This will drive you crazy, so to avoid this situation, we’ve developed this modifies version with endless supplies of ingot. Download it now and avail this limited time offer.  

Dynasty War - Global PK Mod APK

Dynasty War – Global PK Mod APK features are as follows:

  1. Unlimited Ingot: Unlock ingots in unlimited amount for free.
  2. Unlimited Gold: Unlock gold in infinite amount for free.
  3. Free Upgrades: Upgrade your buildings, troops and storage places for storing large number of resources.
  4. Unlock Units: Unlock military units of your choice for free.

Script followed by the game is based on china’s historic background of three kingdoms. Its basically player vs player mode game, in which you make your kingdom strong, join the already existing guilds or make your own guild and challenge other players from all over the world, who have large storage of resources which will become yours once you beat them. Everything depends on how you plan your strategy. Control buttons of the game are just fine, simply tap your finger on screen to do your required task. Currently it is ranked as Asia’s number one strategy game with pvp game play. So are you ready to defend your kingdom against foreign invasions? Android operating system recommended for this game is 2.3 and up. Your basic aim should be to become the super power of the world by defeating other players from all over the world and looting their resources.

Game presents 36 civilians positions along with military posts and the cities from all over the world, approximately 120 in number. Three kingdom is one of the most barbaric and bloody period in the Chinese history. This epic strategy game will provide you a chance to relive the past events. As you proceed in the game, you’ll find that you need to join an alliance to exist, else it wont’t be possible for you to play solo. Together you can invade the whole world and the dream of becoming supreme power will become quite easy. Good thing about these alliances in that the players will help you with resources in your difficult times and they will fight with you on battle field together. In return you need to co operate with them, if any one needs your help in battle or with resources. That’s all we’ve from the game play section.

  • Stunning graphics plus animations and classy sound tracks.
  • 15 Military units are present in the game.
  • Heroes having unique skills are awaiting you to make them fight.
  • Online playing game, with social sites integration for sharing your achievements. 

Download: Dynasty War – Global PK Mod APK 


Its a nice game which is pretty much similar to clash of clans but in many ways better than that. Trust me, once you started playing it, you’ll become addicted to its captivating features and mesmerizing game play. Developers of the game have done a marvelous job with the visuals, character art and game mechanics. Content rating of the game do not allow children below the age of 7 to play this game because of violence scenes. I will rate it with 8/10 points. Enjoy playing the game in your leisure time…!!!