Galaxy Conquest II:Space Wars Mod APK (Unlimited Mecha)

Free download Galaxy Conquest II:Space Wars Mod APK to get mecha, and other in app items. This game comes under the category of strategy games and is developed by Ricky Yang studios. Its colorful visuals and responsive controls will make you fan of the game. Developers have monetized it with premium item named ad mecha. Its a must thing to have if you want to advance in the game like for reducing building time, it is required, to unlock troops it is required, for upgrades it is required. So you can say it plays pivotal role in game play. You can collect it while playing the game but you’ll find its not enough to unlock other items for making your base stronger. You can unlock it from the game store but the developers are charging too much for these mere purchases. Keeping in view all these factors we’ve developed this modified version filled with non stop supply of mecha. Download it now by clicking on the download button in the bottom.

Galaxy Conquest II:Space Wars Mod APK

Galaxy Conquest II:Space Wars Mod APK features are as follows:

  • Unlock Mecha: Unlock mecha in unlimited amount for free.
  • Unlock Troops: Unlock troops you need for free.
  • Upgrade units: Upgrade your troops to maximize their performance for free.
  • Unlock Weapons: Unlock weapons of your choice for free.

According to script followed by the game, you’ll be given a mission to build a base station in space where you can build buildings, can upgrade them, recruit troops and train them etc. Controls buttons of the game are just fine. Simple and intuitive controls make the game worth playing. Swipe your finger to move and tap on screen to give orders to units. Game play is quite unique and fascinating. You’re playing as a commander who is charge of operations taking place on base. This thrilling adventure will take you to endless galaxies, where you can explore resources. The basic objective of the game is to make your base stronger and once you think you’re strong enough, you can invade other players bases, loot their resources and take control of them be defeating the already existing inhabitants.

To make your defense line and attacking strategy strong enough, you can build factory and vessel center. There you can deploy ground force and units for air strike. To enhance the power and attacking skills of your troops, you can construct R&D centers where you can research on latest technologies and later employ them for defense purposes. As you proceed and clear different missions you will get a chance to upgrade your equipment plus you’ll become strong enough to face the mighty bosses. One factor that plays a major role in your success is training your troops and recruitment of commanders with best strategy skills. At vulnerable points of your base, you can place canons, artillery, missiles etc. You can make strong alliances with friends and together you can beat the whole world. That’s all we’ve from the game play section, hope it will be helpful for you.

  • Breathtaking graphics, and stunning animations.
  • Theme based classy sound designs.
  • Use your strategic thinking to beat your enemies.
  • Fight with your enemies in space and show them who is the real boss.
  • Collect mecha as much as you can and use it carefully because its rare.

Download: Galaxy Conquest II:Space Wars Mod APK


Its an amazing game featuring galaxies and taking place there. Gather resources, make your base strong, battle with rivals, these are the missions featured in the game. At first glance the game play looks a bit tricky, but once you started playing it, you will become addicted to it. Developers and concept artists have done a great job with graphics and game mechanics. Content rating allows children aged 12 and above to play this game. Recommended android operating system for this game is 3.0 and up. I will rate with 8/10 points. Enjoy the game…!!!