LINE Dragonica Mobile Mod APK (Free DIA)

Free download LINE Dragonica Mobile Mod APK to get unlimited DIA and a lot more! Welcome to this adventure of defeating the Dark Dragon Lord Elga who have endangered the peace of this world. Now it is up to you and your team to save the day and come out as Dragonians unite! We will help you do it because our modded apk contains infinite currency which is all that’s needed to win!

LINE Dragonica Mobile mod apk

LINE Dragonica Mobile Mod APK features the following cheats:

  1. Infinite DIA – Get 99,00,0000 DIA totally free in this adventure of defeating the dark lord Elga! This currency can be used in purchases, upgrade and so on.
  2. Happy for 360 Days – By default, the in-app purchases only contains happy for 90 days max. We have added happy for 360 days totally free!

Playpack has once again introduced an exclusive mobile game in the LINE series which features every kind of action you would expect from such a professional production company. The game is a spinoff of the popular PC game Dragoncia and has positively responded and fitted in the mobile game platform. Since the game is an action RPG, there are a lot of adventures which players will come across to. There are different classes which players can assume control of such as Warriors, Achers and Magicians. Similar to the original PC version, this fascinating mobile franchise features daily quests, missions and PvP actions which keep all players hooked to their smartphones. The game features a simple control system as well as the Auto Play ability which enables players to enjoy the action in their smartphones any time any place. Players will also have a chance of selecting their desired character outfits as well as weapons which enables your characters appear captivating.

The game’s developers have also managed to launch the game with the best 3D graphic effects which gives players amazing playability as they traverse through the fantasy world to stop the evil dragon Elda. The ability to use different types of weapons has clearly been enhanced in this mobile game with special skills which are able to upgrade to combo attacks. Transform your pets into deadly beasts and use them in stunning battles to help you defeat your enemies. In every mission and quests, players will have a chance of collecting special prizes which will help in upgrading your weapons and amours. Use the available 200 items and customize your character’s appearance to fit the best fashion during combat. Invite lots of your online friends to play the game and challenge each other for the PvP special rewards and prizes.

  • Want to become the strongest hero? Then join the Battle League system and fight for glory & honor.
  • Works on almost all the Android devices because the minimum required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.
  • Fully integrated with the line chat application. Invite over your friends for battles, PVP and more.


Download: LINE Dragonica Mobile Mod APK


The players can choose their character from 2 basic classes: Knight, Thief and Wizard. I personally prefer the Thief because it comes with a lot of abilities and benefits. However, every class have its own ups and downs. So, it is totally your pick on which class you decide to go on. Taking a look at the game ratings on Google Play Store, it seems people are really liking it. Currently, this game is rated 4.1 out of 5.0 which is a nice score for action game. Here’s my final verdict on this game:

Simple and fun game which takes you back in the age of Dragons. Literally, contains months of enjoyment and fun for action lovers.