Tower of Hero Mod APK (Unlimited Crystals)

Free download Tower of Hero Mod APK to unlock crystals, coins, soldiers and other in-app items. The game comes under the genre of RPG games, and it is published by Tatsuki games. Its pixelated graphics and animations will make you addicted to it. It is monetized with crystals which is a premium currency. Gold is a secondary currency and can be unlocked with crystals. Other items can be unlocked with gold. You can earn gold while playing the game, but the case isn’t the same with crystals. For that item you need to spend real life money. If you do not have enough crystals, it would be quite difficult for you to survive. So we’ve filled this modified version with never ending supply of crystals. Download it now to avail this offer..!!!

Tower of Hero Mod APK

Tower of Hero Mod APK has following features:

  1. Unlock Crystals: Unlock gold in unlimited amount for free.
  2. Unlock Gold: Unlock gold as much as you need with crystals unlocked from here.
  3. Unlock Soldiers: Unlock soldiers to max your strength for free.
  4. Upgrade Heroes: Upgrade your heroes to enhance their skills and number for free.

According to script followed by the game, you need to battle with enemies in dungeons of tower with number of floors. The heroes called by you will fight with enemies to clear the floor. Control buttons of the game are just fine, all you need to do is to tap on screen to summon a hero and he will do the rest of the things at its own. Its game play is very distinct and captivating. As you tap on the start button, you will find a tower guarded by monsters standing in your way. Than you’ll tap on screen to call your heroes who will fight with them. Max number of heroes you can call in the beginning is 5. The number will increase you proceed in the game. To counter increasingly difficult conditions, customization options are also provided. In customization mode, you can increase strength of your heroes plus the number of heroes you can call can be increased.

You can also unlock soldiers with sword, archers etc who are more powerful and are more skillful. They will slay the enemies with their epic strength in a single blow. Your strategy should be to increase the number of heroes you can call up to max limit. Than you can attack the enemies with vast legion of heroes waiting for your orders. You can call 100 plus heroes in tower and such huge number will force the enemies to retreat. The enemies killed by your heroes are equipped with items like sword, bow etc. After killing them, you can collect those items and equip them later according to conditions. That’s all we’ve from the game play section, hope its enough for you to decide whether you like this game or not.

  • Stunning graphics and animations along with classy sound tracks.
  • Cartoon like graphics and crazy game play.
  • Huge dungeon tower filled with monsters.
  • Huge army of heroes with customization options.

Download: Tower of Hero Mod APK


Its an amazing game featuring battle between good and bad forces. Your job is to free the dungeons built in tower from the authority of these evil forces. Once you started playing it, its captivating features will lure you to play it again and again. Hats of to developers for such game play. It runs smoothly without any bugs. Children aged 3 and above can play this game according to content rating warning. Android operating system recommended for this game is 2.3.3 and up. I will rate it with 8/10 points. Enjoy the game..!!!